Survival of the fastest

Featuring energy-sapping endurance races, the Blancpain GT Endurance Series is fast becoming a fan favourite in the motorsport calendar. Taking place across all of Europe, you can track every result and monitor the key decisions made by our very own Kaspersky Lab team. Catch up below with all the latest Blancpain GT news and analysis.

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KM Tech Corner - Brake Bias: Episode Four

March 22, 2017

In this episode we look at the technology and importance of understanding the brake bias of the car and how the Kaspersky Motorsport team uses the right set-up to enhance braking efficiency.

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KM Tech Corner - Tyres: Episode Three

March 09, 2017

For our third episode we find ourselves at the back of the garage and in the place where the Kaspersky Motorsport team stores all of the Ferrari 488’s tyres, both new and used.

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