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A weekend of fire! Well done Antonio, the title is yours!!
7 Oct 2013
Formula Renault Alps 2.0

Antonio Fuoco is the 2013 Formula Renault 2.0 ALPS Champion. 17y/o last 20th May, at his first season in single seaters, the Southern Italian driver from Cariati seized Title in the first of the two races of the weekend. In Imola, the one of the young talent racing for Prema and already part of the Ferrari Ferrari Driver Academy, was an amazing blaze.

Second place in race 1 behind his team mate Luca Ghiotto was more than enough for Fuoco to cheer for the Title behind a rival than proved perfect right from qualify where he managed pole, and during the race when he defended his lead with ease. The right achievement for the Italian that, along with the FDA, looked at the Fast Lane Promotion Series for his International motorsport career. His race, under the pouring rain, was very clever, chasing Ghiotto all the time avoiding mistakes. A duty which was brilliantly carried out.

Race 1 report: Due to pouring rain the race started under Safety Car conditions. At the start Ghiotto keeps his lead chased by Fuoco who is also concerned in keeping Parry at bay. The British driver makes his move at Tosa but loses his tail allowing the two ahead to gain precious meters. Behind them Gachet slips by Villemi and takes fourth. At lap five Fuoco sets fastest trying his move on Ghiotto. Villemi is once more fourth one lap after. A speed limit button failure on Bonifacio’s steering wheel forces the driver to pit. Under the chequered flag Ghiotto wins (1’54”367 his best) but second place is more than enough for Fuoco that succeeds in the ALPS yearbook to the Spanish Javier Tarancon and the Russian Daniil Kvyat.

Race 2 report: At the start Fuoco makes his move but Ghiotto leale no room and keeps the lead. Briliant start for Simon Gachet, that slips by Hans Villemi taking Parry’s tail, third at that stage. In the meantime Ghiotto starts pushing. Bonifacio is particularly at ease on the track and passes by both Villemi and Gachet. At lap 2 the Safety Car joined the track for the Philo Paz Patric Armand car stuck in Tosa, while few seconds before Dzhon Simonyan ended in the gravel in Tamburello. At the restart Parry passes Fuoco and tries his move on Ghiotto. Fuoco is also passed by Bonifacio. At lap eight Parry and Bonifacio are the protagonists of a contact at Acque Minerali with the Brazilian that ends up wide and against the barriers. Fight for podium is thence among Parry, Fuoco and Egor Orudzhev. The Brit is the one that takes the flag first but he is after penalized, Podium is thence completed by Fuoco and Orudzhev (Tech1 Racing).

A fabulous season for him (the first in single seaters), enriched by six wins, three second places and one third place. The Italian in this occasion was once more second overall thanks also to the 25” penalty committed to the Welsh.

Kaspersky has shown the importance of supporting the growth of the talent and the passion. The history of Antonio Fuoco is a fabulous tale where the hero benefits from the trust of the people who loves him and of the works personnel. The happy ending has excited everyone of us, proving that cool story are not performed only on the main stages.

“Tonight I will celebrate with all those who love me - said the youngster after his first day as champion elect - and have come from far and wide to support me.” Thus the curtain comes down on a season that, thanks to his first title in single-seaters, has strengthened the character and personality of a rising star in the world of Italian motorspor.