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The end of the season is getting closer: US GP is on track
15 Nov 2013
Scuderia Ferrari

The United States GP is the first leg of the final journey of the 2013 season.
Currently the Scuderia is third in the Constructors’ classification with Alonso second on the Drivers’ points sheet and getting second place in both is now the end of year target for the men in red.

“It’s a source of motivation, even if, at the start of the year we were hoping for a different result,” admits Rivola. “As I said before, at Ferrari, our racing DNA means we don’t really need any extra motivation to try our best. The most important thing, as we come to the end of the season, is to prove to all our fans that we never give up.” On the subject of fans, as has always been the case in the USA, the Scuderia can count on plenty of support in Austin, when Formula 1 returns there for a second time this weekend. “I had missed racing in the USA and still remember the first time we went to Indianapolis in 2000,” recalls Rivola.

“The way the American crowd lives the event and their enthusiasm is such that I remember it was almost impossible to hear the F1 engines above the noise of the crowd.” In fact, Rivola feels Formula 1 could learn some lessons from the way Americans handle their homegrown racing series such as Nascar. “Formula 1 is perhaps more geared to the TV audience, while in America they have much closer contact with the race fans, making the paddock more open and the cars and drivers more accessible to the fans and, to be honest, I like that culture which brings Formula 1 back to the people, so I hope this race in America continues to be a success and maybe we can eventually even have two Grands Prix in the USA.”

Massa said: “We need to be optimistic and try everything we can to achieve our goal, but it won’t be easy because Mercedes has a quicker car and so does Lotus,” admitted Felipe. “We need to have two good races to get ahead of Mercedes.” Regarding the future, he explained his decision to go to Williams. “I am very enthusiastic and happy about signing the contract with Williams for next year,” he said. “I am looking forward to what will be a new challenge in my career and I feel very motivated. I feel I have a lot to give to the team to help it get out of this difficult moment it is going through this season. Williams is part of the history of Formula 1. I have seen many changes of personnel within the team which is a good sign and of course everything can change with the new rules. My racing life has been spent mainly with Italian teams even before F1, so now I will have to adapt to an English team. Maybe I need to try some fish and chips!”

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