Special events

24 Sep 2014

Jerusalem Formula - The 2014 Road Show

Jerusalem Formula is back on track! It''s time for The 2014 Road Show. The Scuderia Ferrari F1 Racing Team, in partnership with Kaspersky Lab, will participate for the second year...

09 Jul 2014

Moscow City Racing 2014

July 12th, it’s time for the Moscow City Racing 2014. After the amazing past editions, Scuderia Ferrari will fly again to Russia to take part in the traditional Formula 1 teams...

17 Jul 2013

Moscow City Racing 2013

Next July 21st Moscow will host the fifth edition of the Moscow City Racing car show, the urban race across the Russian capital. Five Formula 1 teams will perform on the 3.7 km...

19 Jun 2013

Jerusalem Formula 2013: the Peace Road Show

Jerusalem Peace Road Show is the country’s first ever international road show, entitled “Jerusalem Formula, The Peace Race”. The road show features the Scuderia Ferrari Formula...

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